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Friday, July 27 2007

Title: MPEG-2 to FLV using On2's Flix Exporter

I have been trawling the net over the last couple of days looking for the best option to convert my MPEG-2 files to FLV files. I found a lot of information and mis-information - good suggestions and bad ones. Some web forums were helpful, others just blah bla bla and so I finally decided to rely on my own experience and come up with a work flow that was simple and worked. The one I came up with is as simple as one two three, yes that's right three simple steps. You will of course need MPEG Streamclip a free download, Final Cut Express or one that supports the On2 Flix Exporter 8 for Flash plugin. Here's how

  • open the the MPEG-2 file in MPEG Streamclip and convert to a Quick Time video
  • open the oputput of this into Final Cut Express and edit as desired
  • export this file using On2 Flix Exporter to a flv file

On2 Flix Exporter 8 for Flash it is quite simply awesome, the best tool on the market to convert your video to FLV.

It's a Rolls Royce and Ferrari rolled into one. It's a plug-in to video editing tools like QuickTime Pro, Final Cut, Final Cut Express and others.

It may a cost a little more than others but it is absolutely amazing and will blow your socks off. I can't say enough about it. How those guys convert a Quick Time file to a FLV file without loss of image quality and with unbelievable compression, defies belief but they do. Quality at an affordable price. If you want the best then look no further get On2 Flix Exporter, it's a must, 10 out of 10. That's what I think and after trying it I'm confident you'll agree. There is a demo version you can download and try yourself. I did and then I bought it.

Video is Bill Joll, On2 CEO discusses Flix Engine 3GPP

posted by Reg Phipps MBCS  @ 07:55 PM

Monday, December 11 2017

Title: MPEG-2 to FLV using On2's Flix Exporter


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