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Sunday, August 05 2007

Title: Horror Comedy Noir - See It, Or Be Forever Damned

Perhaps, dear reader, you have already seen the 3 short films, 3 feature trailers, and one feature scene, (I have interesting roles in all of them) from 7 dynamic directors, at my website?

Perhaps, however, you haven't yet availed yourself of that opportunity to view the trailer from the most darkly humorous of those directors, Philip Messerer? You can see it by clicking on the center of the black box to the left of this page.

Better yet, see Phil Messerer's "Thicker Than Water: The Vampire Diaries, Part 1," (the link is to a still picture website for the film), in its entirety. I'll tell you how to do that, because it really is a great little film. You'll get some wry laughs from it.

And, should you not take this opportunity to view it, you might be forever damned!

To stimulate your interest, and to save your eternal soul, check out the interviews taken after the showing a week ago at the Tribeca Cinemas, New York City. The film won first place in the horror category. You can see the interviews by going to the 07/30 entry of the video blog at and clicking on the words..."We Won We Won We Won." Or, just click on those words right there, in this blog. It's magic!

You have another opportunity to see "Thicker Than Water: The Vampire Diaries, Part 1" on the big screen, because it will be shown in Los Angeles, California, on Friday, 28 September 2007, at 12:00 noon, at the AMC CityWalk Stadium 19 in Universal City, as part of the Cinema City International Film Festival.

If you can't get to Universal City, you can view "Thicker Than Water: The Vampire Diaries, Part 1", (direct link to view the film) in its entirety, at , along with over 200 other outstanding films, including all the winners at the Independent Features Film Festival, and all are FREE for the watching. I believe you can buy a DVD of the film at that site, too. I encourage you to buy the DVD, because the film is sure to become a small classic, like "48 Hours", "The Road Warrior", "The Terminator", "Dirty Dancing", and even --- (Dare I say it?) --- "Casablanca", that one can view enjoyably many times, over many years.

Once at the home page for the Independent Features website, go to View the Festival Films --> horror, and then to page 2 (direct link).

Good viewing,...and don't let the vampires bite.

But if they do,...bite back harder!

posted by Myles MacVane  @ 06:53 PM

Monday, December 11 2017

Title: Horror Comedy Noir - See It, Or Be Forever Damned


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