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Wednesday, August 15 2007

Title: American Badlands (by Philip Messerer)

Dear Reader,

If you have read my fully-linked blog entry of 05 August 2007, you'll know that Philip Messerer is the colossally talented writer/director/camera-man/editor of the dark comedy, "Thicker Than Water: The Vampire Diaries, Part 1." As I mentioned in that blog, the film, after garnering First Place in the Horror category at the Independent Features Film Festival, held at the Tribeca Cinemas in NYC, is to be shown in Los Angeles' Universal City at the Cinema City International Film Festival in September. (For details, read my 05 Aug. blog - the one before this blog.)

Phil and a friend are driving west to be there. Naturally, they've brought a video-cam along with them.

It's startling what a fine artist with a video-cam can come up with ––– the images are at once both celebratory and elegiac. The piano music really helps to set the scenes, too.

Absolutely beautiful, and beautifully done, the video reminds me of the halcyon times of yore that I hitch-hiked - and drove - across the country... through the deserts, through the Badlands, through the heart of America.

You can watch Phil's video, "American Badlands," by clicking in the center of the video box to the left of this column. I believe that if you click on the video as it starts to play, you'll be transported to the youtube site, where it will be playing on a larger screen.

If the video moves you as it moved me, send it on to friends, family, and acquaintances, because I am sure that they, too, will be charmed by it.

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Monday, December 11 2017

Title: American Badlands (by Philip Messerer)


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